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Honouring Little Lives Lost

Sadly, more families than one might realize have experienced the ache of losing a baby. In Alberta alone, 15,000 babies each year are taken by miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death or SIDS. Each of these babies changed lives and touched hearts. Each lives on inside a mother, a father, a sibling or a grandparent. And each left a profound emotional legacy that can be difficult for other people to understand if they haven't experienced baby loss themselves.

At the Walk, we gather to celebrate and honour the babies we carry in our hearts. We remember the joy they brought into our lives and the love they left there. We understand the sadness we feel for children lost decades ago, and grief of parents whose loss is more recent.


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Photos by Rob and Lauren Photographers

For Lincoln

Chris and Jocelyn Your, by Rob and Lauren Photographers.

About Us

Our son, Lincoln, filled our hearts with joy. We wanted to find a way to make Lincoln's life have a lasting meaning. We knew that we would never forget him, but was there some way his legacy could benefit others, too? We founded Walk to Remember to honour our son.

That’s how Walk to Remember started – just two people, a wife and a husband, a mother and a father wanting to help other parents.

Walk to Remember has exceeded our expectations. We have held five walks which have raised over $100,000 for charity, sponsored a quiet room at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, brought together more than 1,000 people, given over 1,000 teddy bears to families, and created a model that has inspired other cities to start walks too.

Walk to Remember was nominated for a Laurel Award, recognizing innovation and creativity in non-profit organizations.